Welcome private owners, company shareholders and senior management

We live in an extremely competitive world. Google search has made everybody an expert--copy and paste, consultants homogenizing the scope of work, unitized pricing that doesn’t fit all models, hourly rates that aren’t real and work order management companies taking a cut in the profits because trades won’t invoice fast enough. Ultimately personal quality is second to price.

As a professional repair and maintenance industry we have all lowered ourselves to match the needs of the marketplace.

The real challenge isn’t keeping up with our customers, the real challenge is that we as an industry don’t communicate, organize and learn from one another at an ownership level.

We want to change this by becoming your partner. That means a shift in thinking and embracing trust.

We can do this in a few ways:

• We can buy your company
• We can merge
• We can negotiate a peace treaty
• We can sell to you

All four options can be custom designed to suit your needs and ours with satisfaction guaranteed.

Byrne on Demand has been in business 25 years. Rather than just downloading our health and safety information, take a positive first step to reach out to us.

Why don’t you sign up and make a request to meet and discuss options in a confidential setting. All we need is your signature on a non-disclosure agreement.

One meeting with us is guaranteed to improve your bottom line.

We can work together to improve the general contractor industry.

Submit your name and email address below. A N.D.A. will be sent to you anywhere in Canada or the USA.


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